Crafts – it’s not just for fun!

I may not be the most creative or artistic person to every become a pediatric occupational therapist but that doesn’t mean I don’t try! And hey – Pinterest is a life saver!

When working with kids we all know that children learn through play and experience, but recently it seems like more and more schools are caught up in standardized tests and grade than letting kids play and learn and get messy!

During a significant number of my OT sessions with students I do crafts and games! I’m sure as a teacher, parent, or administrator you’ve walked by an OT session and thought “crafts again?!?”

Here’s why I do crafts!

  1. Bilateral hand skills
  2. Executive functioning skills
  3. Visual motor skills
  4. Visual perceptual skills
  5. Fine motor strengthening & coordination
  6. Sensory exploration and play
  7. Motor planning
  8. Self-esteem
  9. FUN!

Notice how numbers 1-8 are directly related to handwriting skills?!?!

I have more than a few students who struggle within a large or small group setting. How wonderful is it to spend 20 or 30 minutes with a student where everything is the “just right” challenge. They learn and grow without being overwhelmed or so behind that a teacher, adult or peer has to finish it for them!

Here’s just a few crafts I’ve done this year! What crafts do you have on your list for the spring??



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