Accessibility App and Website


AbleRoad is a free website and app (available for both Android and Apple devices) that is designed to help persons with disabilities, including physical, cognitive and visual/hearing disabilities, access the community.

The positives:


Able to search/sort by type of business and type of disability.

Client-focused – reviews are written by users.

Easy to review with star scale.

Yelp! reviews are included with the businesses included in the app/website.

The negatives:

I searched for businesses near Conshohocken, PA, and came up with a number of businesses, but no AbleRoad reviews. AbleRoad is an app that relies on “crowdsourcing”, or public input, to enhance the information included in the app. This is a relatively new app, and so as more people use it and contribute, the more effective a resource it will be.

Overall, AbleRoad could potentially be an extremely valuable resource for our students and their families, as well as classes that go out into the community. Therapists can help spread awareness of the app and website, and support this useful project!


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